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Lux Participates in ANA Native Language Summit

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Maria Griffin, NLCC T&TA Center Director (left), Nicole Oxendine, Lux Tribal T&TA Director (center), and Ruairi Macdonald, Lux COO & Vice President (right).


Lux attended the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) ANA Native Languages Summit: Preserving the Heart of Our Cultures, October 22-24 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This annual summit supports Native American communities seeking to retain and revitalize Indigenous languages. Discussions included success stories and lessons learned, as well as program experiences with a variety of topics, including language immersion, master-apprentice, online learning, family and community engagement, data and evaluation, and more.

In connection with the summit, the Native Language Community Coordination Demonstration Project (NLCC)  held its first annual meeting. Lux Consulting Group, Inc. is excited to be serving as a partner with Sister Sky Inc. as they develop the NLCC T&TA Center. Lux will be building an interactive web portal for the NLCC T&TA Center. We look forward to developing a successful online framework for the NLCC learning community to engage with each other and access the resources they need to be successful.

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