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It’s a “GO” for Arctic Resilience Research!

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Earlier this month, the Belmont Forum announced funding awards for 8 international, transdisciplinary research projects focused on Arctic regions. Each research team is composed of scientists and stakeholders committed to advancing the understanding of arctic resilience, informing decision-making, and stimulating solutions for resilience. 

As an organization dedicated to improving the impact of social and scientific programs, Lux is proud to support Belmont Forum research projects through the deployment of our Grant Operations (GO) system. As part of our National Science Foundation (NSF) IDIQ contract, we built and deployed our GO system as the Belmont Forum Grant Operations (BFgo) System to support the application and review processes for Belmont Forum grants.

Since 2014, the BFgo system has received 642 applications across five programs and has supported 2,735 reviews for the Belmont Forum.

After our initial deployment of the system, we later expanded the system to collect awardee reports and produce data visualizations for cross-project learning events. BFgo has received 102 project reports to date. 

Lux dedicates meaningful time to technical assistance around the functionality of the GO system – understanding and improving how people access, use, and navigate the system. Awardees have applauded our GO system for being accessible and easy to navigate, and NSF program staff have described the technology-forward project as “fantastic.”

For more information on our GO system and web-based solutions, please check out our Web Applications & Website Support page or email Don’t forget to check out the Belmont Forum website and sign up for updates and announcements for Belmont Forum grant opportunities!

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