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CSBG Tribal Grantee Highlighted in Lux Tribal Network Update Session

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Spirit Lake Sioux CSBG Grantee Spotlight Presentation


On January 31, 2018, Lux collaborated with the Office of Community Services (OCS) to hold the first Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Tribal Network Update Session of 2018. These live, online sessions are hosted throughout the year to provide an opportunity for CSBG Tribal grantees to stay up-to-date on CSBG news, federal updates, available resources, and updated program information.

This year, Lux and OCS have incorporated a new segment to these interactive update sessions, the CSBG Tribal Grantee Spotlight. The spotlight provides a space for Tribal grantees to present on their CSBG initiatives, success stories, and challenges during the live update sessions.

Ardell Blueshield, Tribal Health Director of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe and her colleagues, volunteered to serve as the first CSBG Tribal Grantee Spotlight of 2018.  Ardell and her team shared their best practices for providing multiple interactive health and community events, steps in improving their administrative and fiscal management process, and the importance of collaborating with Federal and local programs to secure the best quality of service for their Tribal community.

To learn about the CSBG Tribal Network Update Session and CSBG Tribal Grantee Spotlight, please visit the CSBG Tribal Online Resource Center.



The Lux CSBG Training & Technical Assistance Program for Tribes and Tribal Organizations helps our government client meet the unique and diverse needs of their grantees to maximize the impact of CSBG funding. Under contract with the HHS/ACF Office of Community Services, we provide training and information through a comprehensive online resource center, interactive education modules, live webinars and conferences, and personalized 1:1 consultation. To learn more about the CSBG Training & TA Program for Tribes & Tribal Organizations visit the CSBG Tribal Resource Center.

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