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First Six Months of Success on Belmont Forum Website & Online Engagement

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Lux is helping the Belmont Forum show success on projects and connect with target audiences in the United States and around the globe. Six months ago, Lux relaunched and has since supported the Belmont Forum Website under a contract with the National Science Foundation. The website has been a great success, receiving almost 20,000 unique visitors since the relaunch. In October 2017 alone, there were nearly 10,000 views.

The Belmont Forum supports international transdisciplinary research to provide knowledge for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to global environmental change. The Belmont Forum is a partnership of funding organizations, international science councils, and regional consortia.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, the website includes maps and data on funders and funded projects, a resource library, and news about funding opportunities. Visitors can also sign up for the Forum’s newsletter and updates about new funding opportunities.

Lux’s support of Belmont Forum engagement activities also includes a Twitter account, LinkedIn page, YouTube page and Constant Contact account to further support engagement with Belmont Forum stakeholders and target audiences.  

Do you need help showing your program’s success or engaging with your target audience? We are ready and able to assist – especially for social or scientific programs. For more information about these services, please contact us at

Image Above Left: Homepage of site at, which was designed and is supported by Lux.

Image Above Right: Lux designed and supports an interactive online map that shows grantees awardees by program.  

Graph above: Cumulative web traffic (visits) for first six months of Lux supporting new Belmont Forum website. 

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