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2020 Reflection: A Message from Lux President & CEO, Leonard Boyd

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2020 brought us a lot of uncertainty. At Lux, we were prepared, or at least we thought we were. From an infrastructure perspective, having moved to a virtual environment five years ago, we were well situated to perform and support our projects with no interruption.

From a personal perspective, I don’t think anyone could have known how our lives would change. Over the last year, we witnessed the paradigm shift in a way we had not imagined. While we are physically apart, remotely we have become more personable. The virtual environment has offered us a more intimate snapshot of the lives of our colleagues, our partners, and our clients. Our video conferences often include guest star appearances from new pets, cohabiting office mates, and rambunctious “CEOs in training” who needed a break from virtual school. It’s given us a glimpse into people’s homes, with wall art, collectables, bookshelves, plants, and decor revealing interests and experiences we wouldn’t otherwise have known.

Because of this, we have a better idea of who we are outside of the work space enabling us to connect on a more personal level. Dropping the professional pretense, we become more real. This has enabled us to build trust in a shorter period of time. We have been able to build stronger relationships, stronger teams, and a stronger work culture.

My hope is that as we move forward into 2021, we maintain the culture that was strengthened during our response to the pandemic. We maintain the momentum and cultivate it in order to promote growth, because, if it can bring us through a pandemic, imagine to what heights it can take us when we are not dealing with a global health crisis.

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