Lux Consulting Group


Lux’s outreach and communication support services include materials development and dissemination, development of strategic plans for communication efforts and campaigns, conference support and management, website development and formative research. We provide technical assistance, and manage call centers to answer inquiries and handle requests for materials.

Our communication professionals are considered “minority outreach experts” for the successes they have had over the years with engaging traditionally hard-to-reach communities. Communities of color continue to lag behind in our nation’s schools and have the greatest health disparities. We understand these communities and have established strategic relationships with a diverse partnership base at the national and local levels that have optimized resources and helped support our client’s programmatic goals and objectives. We also develop innovative strategies and leverage technology solutions to effectively reach consumers where they live, work, play and socialize.

Lux supports minority outreach efforts through the development of informational materials and decision-support tools, the translation of reports into plain language and the creation of campaigns to educate and motivate consumers. A critical component of our approach involves obtaining input from our target audiences, ensuring that the messages and materials we create address their information needs, literacy levels, and cultural backgrounds.

Our capabilities include:

  • Minority outreach
  • Community engagement
  • Integrated communications
  • Health and Mobile IT
  • Materials development
  • Partnership development
  • Campaign evaluation

Please contact us for more information about these services and explore our contracting vehicles, especially the NIH Public Information and Communication Services (PICS) contract.