Lux Consulting Group

HRSA, Bureau of the Health Professions, Student Financial Aid Guidelines

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of the Health Professions-Student Financial Aid Guidelines


HRSA contracted with Lux Consulting Group, Inc. to research, identify and report on the existing discrepancies among all the governing Federal documents (legislation, regulations, policy memos, Federal Register notices, and the HRSA Student Financial Aid Guidelines) that pertained to four student financial aid programs within their purview.  Following a thorough review of all the relevant documents, the Lux project team captured the inconsistencies in an online database.  A final report provided results for each of the student financial aid program included in this project.


To provide a comprehensive analysis and report of inconsistencies in all Federal documents relating to the Guidelines.  By creating a database and report, HRSA could capture accurate information needed to update the Student Financial Aid Guidelines utilized by all participating educational institutions.


Compose a project team that consisted of subject matter experts, control experts, legal experts, technical experts, writers, and administrative support.  Provide regular and frequent updates to the client electronically and in-person demonstrating the completion of clearly defined steps in the project plan.


Delivered to HRSA an extensive report (hard copy and electronic) and database with all supporting documentation by the agreed upon deadline.